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Welcome to my review of Copy My Websites

Copy My Websites Scam


I know that you are here because your looking for more information, hopefully, I can help you with that. This page will serve as my very own, unbiased review, or in other words, opinion, of CopyMyWebsites after purchasing the product and going through the training.


Copy My Website is broken down into six steps, all of which are located in the members area. After payment you will get access to your login page. Broken down, here is a quick look at things:

Steps one through six you will be presented with an “over the shoulder” training video guiding you on what you need to do. It starts out by you picking one of the website templates which you wish to “copy”. Once you’ve chosen your template, you will be guided on how to set-up and plugin your autoresponder so that you can build your list in the process of generating commissions.

Then, you are shown how to get an affiliate account and pick a high converting product. Once you make your decision, it’s all tied together and you will be the owner of your very own commission generating website, which will collect the email lead and redirect them (after they optin) to a product which you’ve chosen, of which, if they purchase, you will be paid a commission. Simple.

Step Six you are given various different training on generating traffic, both free and paid. They are split into three categories, Videos, Guides and Programs. Also included is a section on “motivation” which is just as important as taking action itself. You need to stay motivated and conduct your daily income producing tasks. This motivational series will keep you on track and hold you accountable for your actions.


Since writing this blog post, the creators of the product have been continuously adding new updates. Just recently, they added some new marketing courses, some done for you copy and paste content and also a bunch of products with resell rights which you can either give away or sell. These are great gifts to give to people when they optin to your email list.


I decided to post the above image to server as my “proof” using the system. You see, there is a lot of terrible information online, specifically when looking for reviews of products. Most people are there to do the “bait and switch” technique. The give a product which they have never even used a bad review, just so they can then pitch you something completely different. Personally I think thats shady and quite deceptive. I don’t usually post income screenshots but I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me, so instead of replying to each individual, I have posted it here for you all to see.


One thing which you need to be aware of when looking for product reviews online, is that generally, if people offer a good review, they get compensated. If people offer a bad review, it’s written to purposely “bash” the product so that they can then recommend you something entirely different. Talk about bait-and-switch!

I’m reviewing Copy My Websites because as you can see from the image at the top of this post, I’ve actually purchased the product, unlike other reviewers, so I actually know exactly what the product is about and what it teaches, I’m not just talking “theory”! I will tell you this: As a user of Copy My Websites, I would actually recommend this system and here’s why: It’s point click simple!

Chose template, capture emails, send traffic, make money, I would recommend that you pick one to two methods of free traffic as well as pairing it with a paid traffic method for maximum results. Doing so WILL results in commissions in your account. Treat it like a business, be accountable for your actions and most importantly, give it time.

You won’t be a millionaire overnight, but you can easily turn this into a full time income, no problem at all.


If you want something simple, that anyone can use, regardless of technical knowledge or experience, then this is the system for you. One of the best features of is that there is a fully functional live chat feature in the members area, so if you do get stuck at anytime, you can easily get support. Click here to get started instantly with your new money making system!

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